Types of watches

It is important to note that a watch is nothing more than a machine designed to measure time. The measurement of time that is made with this instrument, can have different uses such as: to know the time, the duration of an event, to activate an alarm, among many other uses. With it you can know the hours, minutes and seconds.

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Types of watches

In the past, this type of instruments were more rudimentary, and there were water, sun and sand clocks. Nowadays, they have become more specialized and there are several types of clocks, which we will describe briefly but in detail below.

Steam clock

This is a clock that dates from 1977, has a steam engine, which regulates the operation of the same. This type of clocks can be found nowadays in England and Canada.


Digital clock

With this term, we define the instruments that show the time in digital numbers. In this group we find the clocks that show only hours and minutes, or those that include seconds. In this type of watches we have the option to see the time, in 12 and 24 hours format. And they include the option am or pm.


Analog clock

Here we find the clocks that show the hours, minutes and seconds using the hands. They include the numbers from 1 to 12. These are twelve hours. They include three hands, one for the hours, one for the minutes and one for the seconds. The latter moves at a higher speed and constantly.



This type of watches are to be used on the wrist of the arm. Through these, we can see the time both digitally and analogically, depending on the watch, because there is a model of this type of watch that includes both forms. They consist of a strap that allows to tie them on the wrist.


Saloon clock

They are among the oldest watches known. From the 14th century onwards, this type of watch was fitted with a spring, which made them very popular. They are characterized for being more of decorative use, because it has elements of this style. Nowadays, they are used more as decorative objects in large and important halls.


Tower clocks

Along with the hall clock, it is characterized for being one of the oldest. It includes quite large and heavy mechanisms for its operation. They are found in towers and bell towers, and are attached to large bell towers.

Pocket watch

These were created so that people could check the time at any place and time. They were created in France during the 15th century. They were the smallest of the time. At first they were made in a cylindrical shape, and later it was changed to the ovoid shape.


It is the oldest sundial in the world. With it we can only know the hours during the day. This is through the passage of the shadow of a gnomon located on the surface. It only works when the light falls directly on it.

Cuckoo clock

This type of clocks are characterized by being very creative clocks, which have a pendulum or gong. They also have an opening or door, through which a bird comes out every half an hour or an hour, which emits a sound repeatedly, which says cuckoo. Hence its name.


With this model of clock, the passage of time is measured through the fall of sand from the top to the bottom. These were designed with the purpose of measuring a certain time. Nowadays they have been replaced by chronometers, which can be digital or analogical.

Pendulum clock

They are characterized by having a vertical pendulum that integrates a weight at its end. The function of this pendulum is to adjust the time by moving up and down.

Quartz watch

It has a quartz piece, which is responsible for creating the impulses that the watch needs to measure time at intervals. In addition, it makes use of an electromagnetic field that makes the quartz vibrate, which is activated by electricity provided by an electric battery.

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