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We transform classic G-Shock watches into unique pieces with unique personality

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We welcome buyers from all over the world to join us in exploring all personalization and craftsmanship options that our studio provides

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Pieces are created on-demand, so once your order has been processed, we will build it in 4-7 days (depending demand) and ship it to you (shipping will take 7-10 working days)

Watches, Reflections of our Souls

We are two friends from Barcelona that have always loved horology. However we couldn’t afford high-end watches, and we felt that the watch industry was only for a very elite group of people. This meant that if you were not in that elite, you could only dream of luxury watches, and probably never own one.

Under these circumstances, we bought each one a G-Shock GA2100 because of its affordable price and unique design. We were very happy with our purchase but felt that our watches lacked personality. During lockdown one of us disassembled his watch and painted its dial as an experiment. And suddenly we realized that this modification transformed completely its appearance. We made different attempts, changing the dial, painting the hour markers, and swapping its strap until obtaining the result that matched us perfectly.

After the modifications we did, We were very happy with our watches but didn’t think of modding anymore,  until some friends and family started to inquire about our watches and wanted us to modify one for them. After seeing how happy they were with the exact modification they wanted, we realized that we could share this passion with other watch enthusiasts like you, this is why we created this website to share our projects. Choose your favorite and live the experience of having your one-off piece for an affordable price!

If you have any doubts about our watches, please feel free to contact us. You have our contact information on the footer of our website.

Created and Designed in Barcelona


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Send us via Intsagram your favourite designs and tell us any improvement or new modifications you would like us to do!